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Arsen Kljan

Arsen Kljan
АРСЕН КЛЯН . Художественнаяшкола Artschool .

Arsen Kljan is a talented artist, sculptor, professional portrait artist with masterful and unique view in his art.
His paintings are made in scientific and brilliant way and have been exhibited since 1981.
A. Kljan`s paintings have been admired in Estonia, Finland, Germany, The USA, Canada, Armenia, etc. .

One of his sculptures is in the gallery Bruno Muro Naples, Italy.
Arsen Kljan is the president of International Artists` Union,
member of The Artists` Union of Armenia, Portrait Artists Society of America.
"I paint feeleings. These paintings are my dialogue with the world and life", said the painter.

Good Art is hard work. If it wasn`t everyone would do it and no one would value it`.
He has traveled a lot and met many famous personalities - politicians, singers, actors, etc...
Arsen Kljan is a director of Art School where he teaches his secrets of painting
to the students and arranges master classes.